Professional Attention

The John Saenz Law Firm offers the best service. Free appointments with the attorney. Unlimited appointments with the attorney in reference to your case. Clients can feel free to call any time during work hours to get updates on their case.

Legal Assistance

Each client receives free legal assistance. The attorney and staff make frequent home visits. Clients will always be informed and updated about key points on their case and prepared to take action if needed.

Efficiency and Punctuality

Our Clients can expect timely answers. Count on our well prepared staff and have assurance that your case will be handled in an orderly manner. You will be constantly updated along the process of your case.

We find the right solution

Our goal is to always find the right solution. Completely compensate our clients and provide peace and tranquility throughout the legal process.


“We take big steps to success and never give less than our best.”

The John Saenz Law Firm is committed to provide quick and efficient solutions to our client’s demands. And we do it in the most professional way.




– Trinity University

After graduating High School he attended Trinity University in San Antonio, TX where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

– St. Mary’s University School of Law

Subsequently after obtaining his bachelor’s degree, John Saenz continued his academic education and attended the St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio, TX where he obtained his Juris Doctorate degree.

–Main Office in McAllen, TX

As a Juris Doctor, John Saenz changed his residence to McAllen, with offices in Laredo, TX and San Antonio, TX. Where he worked for more than 13 years in a law firm specializing on insurance claims, always fighting for justice.

–Member of Associations

John Saenz is a member of the American Bar Association and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. .


Member of the Texas Bar
Licenced to practice in Southern District of Texas Federal Court
Licented to practice in Western District of Texas Federal Court

–Legal Associations

Texas Bar Litigants
Hidalgo Bar Association Member
Bexar County Bar Association
Webb County Bar Association
American Bar Association

–Societal Associations

Trinity University Alumni Association
St Mary’s Alumni Association


  • What should I do if my property suffers damages?

    Residential or commercial property could be damage through natural causes or human errors, in either situation you need to seek immediate attention, call your qualified attorney and insurance company for accurate compensation to cover all repair costs.

  • I suffered damage on my property and the insurance company does not want to compensate me. What should I do?

    When insurance companies delay or deny your claim, it is very important to have a lawyer by your side to help you get fair handling of your case and the compensation promised by insurance companies. The John Saenz Law Firm understands your needs, these cases are our specialty.

  • Is it normal that insurance companies try to avoid payment?

    It is very common that insurance companies try to avoid payment. They offer low payments, delay payments or even deny compensations, claiming the damage was previously there. The John Saenz Law Firm works to protect your right to receive what you deserve.

  • How do I know which expenses my insurance policy covers?

    In the State of Texas, insurance policies for property owners either commercial or residential usually cover most damages. However, property owners do not always know which claims are covered by their insurance. Attorney John Saenz legal experience, will help you understand which expenses are enclosed by your policy and protects your right to receive fair compensation.