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Should I buy insurance from a company that is incorporated to the State of Texas or incorporated outside the State?
AA- Is recommended to buy a State of Texas insurance because if you decide to sue the insurance company because of improper handling of your case, a company incorporated to the State will maintain the case inside the state and a company outside of the state will probably take the case to a federal court which in most cases there are more legal requirements and more possible complications.
If my insurance company paid for my claim, can I appeal for more?
AA- Of course, insurance companies tend to make quick inspections and try to solve the claim as fast as possible leaving out non visible damages. Insurance companies try to quickly agree with the property owner to an amount and intimidate the owner to go back and claim anything that shows up in the future.
Will I have to pay anything if there is no compensation?
AA- Our Law firm has a policy that if there is no compensation we do not charge you.
Do insurance policies cover hail damage?
AA- Usually, polices do cover damages to your property due to hail storms. Insurance companies should cover and repair all damages on roof, even those not visible from the ground and also they should cover all costs of deterioration due to humidity like split or cracked roofs and repairs on damaged AC units.
What do you recommend if I suffered hail damage on my property?
AA- After a hail storm is important you contact your insurance company and a qualified attorney to avoid becoming a victim of insurance companies that do not want to compensate what is fair. John Saenz Law Firm will help you correctly estimate damages caused by hail on your residential or commercial property.
If I have insurance on my commercial property, do I still need an attorney to claim for damages?
AA- John Saenz Law Firm believes that it is extremely important to recover your commercial property as soon as possible to avoid any financial loses, even with insurance the process to obtain compensation might be frustrating and complicated. It is very common that insurance companies refuse or delay your claim instead of paying fair compensations to their customers.